Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When Can You Take A Bath After Hysterectomy How Long To Recooperate Following A Hysterectomy?

How long to recooperate following a Hysterectomy? - when can you take a bath after hysterectomy

My friend has this surgery, and I'll try to dinner and child care (to organize and go to school, homework and baths, etc..) As she goes well. How long a hospital stay? To save their children.


lilsshor... said...

I had a hysterectomy, Tuesday and returned home on Wednesday (afternoon) the same day. But I can not drive off, draw something or stay for all time. Moreover, one can not walk far. I went to the doctor within two weeks for a medical examination. We hope that you and your friend to help. We hope your best friend with the operation.

Mechaiah said...

Normally, if no complications, you can go home in two or three days.

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